Cat Dog Electric Silent Digital Display Hair Clipper with Desktop Charger

$59.00 $85.00

Material: Stainless Steel,titanium Ceramic Sharp Angle Cutter Head

Features: High Titanium Ceramic Sharp Angle Cutter Head, Can Easily Cut Rough Fur, Durable. Designed With An Easy-to-grip Handle, It's Not Easy To Take Off Your Hands.


Product Name: Cat Dog Electric Silent Digital Display Hair Clipper with Desktop Charger

Product Category: DOG Hair Trimmer , CAT Hair Trimmer

Material: Lithium battery,Titanium ceramic sharp Angle cutter head

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs Small Medium Large Cats

Ideal For Scenes: When Your Pet's Hair Is Too Long Or Messy, A Pet Hair Trimmer Can Give Your Pet The Best Possible Experience.


Size Chart

Specifications: EU Specification, US Specification, UK Specification, AU Specification
Centering Material: Anti-wear Brass
Clipper Dimensions: 175x42mm(L x W)
Operating Voltage: 3V
Adapter Input: 110V-240V 50/60Hz
Adapter Plug: UK Plug, US Plug, AU Plug, EU Plug
Comb: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm Comb
Package Size: 165 x 245 x 55mm


Product Features

Sharp Safety Blade
The Hair Clipper Adopts Professional Titanium Ceramic Sharp-angle Cutter Head, Which Is Sharp, Wear-resistant And Durable; The Detachable Blade Is Easy To Replace And Clean.

Long-lasting Battery And Rechargeable
Using High Capacity Lithium Battery, Battery Life Is Long. And There Are A Variety Of Charging Methods, Support While Charging And Use, Easy To Use, Equipped With A Charging Stand, Can Be Charged At Any Angle, Simple And Convenient, Comfortable Experience

Protect The Skin
The Cutter Head Is Designed With R-shaped Rounded Corners, Which Is In Safe Contact With The Skin And Protects The Skin From Damage

Five-speed Fine Adjustment Of Cutter Head
In Addition To Being Equipped With 4 Limit Combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm). The Hair Clipper Also Has 5 Sets Of Cutter Head Fine-tuning Functions; Turn The Adjustment Ring To Adjust The Cutter Head, Allowing You To Shave Pets More Easily (adjustable 0.8-2mm).

Ultra-quiet Low Vibration
Low Vibration And Ultra-quiet Design. The Noise Is Only About 50 Decibels When Working, So That Pets Can Feel At Ease And No Longer Be Afraid Of Cutting Their Hair. Reduce His Or Her Hair Without Scaring Your Pet.

Tool Installation Instructions

1. Tool Head Installation Instructions
Align The Grooves On The Bottom, Close And Press Lightly.

2. Tool Head Disassembly Instructions
Reminder: When Disassembling The Cutter Head, Please Rotate The Adjusting Ring To 2.0mm
Press Your Thumb On Top Of The Tool Head And Press Down Firmly To Remove The Tool Head. Hold The Tip Of The Knife In Your Hand To Keep It From Falling To The Ground.

3. Limiting Comb Installation
Reminder: When Using The Limit Comb, The Adjustment Ring Must Be Rotated To 0.8mm
Align The Bottom Of The Cutter Head With The Limit Comb Groove, And Slide It Into The Bottom Along The Groove Without Leaving Any Gaps.


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