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Dog Treadmill with Pedometer

$999.89 $1399.89
  • Leading the way to a healthier lifestyle for the future, allowing pets to unleash their vitality to the fullest.
  • Carefully crafted aesthetics not only add an artistic touch to your home but also exude dynamic fashion when pets are in motion.
  • Personalized tailored exercise plans cater to the diverse activity needs of different pets.
  • Utilizing eco-friendly materials, we not only prioritize pet health but also safeguard the green homes of our planet.
  • From design to manufacturing, pet safety always comes first, providing the most reliable assurance for your beloved companions.


Taking care of every pet's footsteps and listening to them makes companionship even better

Innovative technology, companionship with health

This pet treadmill is not only an exercise equipment, but also a good partner for your pet's healthy life! Inertia drive technology allows pets to run to their heart's content, intelligent pedometer records exercise data, and detailed design ensures safety.

Comfortable space, multi-functional use

Spacious running platform, suitable for all kinds of pets. Fixed point design prevents injuries from running around, acrylic protective baffle protects safety. Adjustable speed and slope to meet different exercise needs.

Stable and durable, high quality material

Adopts upgraded steel frame, thickened tube wall, stable and durable. Multi-speed adjustment, comfortable exercise experience.

Healthy Future, Start From Here

Invest in a pet treadmill and let your pet move towards a healthier and more energetic future!

3 Reviews
3 Customer Reviews
  • By E***e on 2024/6/8

    Let me start by saying this treadmill costs significantly less than many of the ones I’ve seen videos/photos of on social media, and some of the ones my dogs have used in the past, so I knew the quality wouldn’t be the most amazing thing in the world.
    That being said, for the price, it’s worth having because we live in the desert and literally can’t walk our dogs in the summer time.
    If you can put together ikea furniture, you can put this together. I’m relatively handy, and it took me about 1.5-2 hours.
    Raising and lowered for incline is pretty easy. The pins go in smoothly, so no issue there.
    This treadmill works pretty well and does a good job of supporting the dog. Our dogs are 55-65 lbs, and it holds up. We have a workout mat underneath it, and it doesn’t move while in use. The slats do have a little bit more give than I thought they would. You can definitely see some downward bowing movement where each paw makes contact with the slats.
    We’ve had it for about 2.5 months and so far it’s held up pretty well. We have 2 dogs running on it like 3-4 times a week.
    All in all, it’s a good treadmill to have for your dogs if the others are out of reach and you are struggling to get your dog the exercise it needs.If it’s too hot for their evening walk I can put them on there for 30 minutes or so to make sure they are at least getting some exercise.

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  • By F***y on 2024/6/6

    This is a sturdy product with huge upgrades in materials compared to other dog treadmills in other brands at a very similar price point. I love that it has a brake. It was a little challenging to put together but overall I managed to do so by myself. So far my pup is adjusting. Looking forward to getting her fully trained on it.

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  • By t***k on 2024/4/9

    I've been researching all the dog treadmills for months and they were either cheap and made of plastic wheels and wood slats with no additional features like a hand brake or a speedometer or they are very very expensive and well built with all the additional features as add ons to the already expensive price. This unit already comes with the additional features and I can't imagine having a unit without one!

    It took me about 3 hours to assemble this unit as the most difficult part was getting the belt to be tight enough to be able to get the screws in. If I had a hand or two for this part then it would've been much quicker, but I ended up figuring out a way to have 4 hands at once!

    It was very well packaged and I've trained 3 out of my 5 Huskies on how to use it so far not even 24 hours later.

    I'm very happy to have left their first review on Crawlpaw and am so glad I waited till I found the perfect dog treadmill for my pups at a great price!

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