Stainless Steel Cat Dog Single Bowl

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Product Name: Stainless Steel Cat Dog Single Bowl

Product Category: CAT Bowls & Slow Feeder Bowls,DOG Bowls & Slow Feeder Bowls

Material: Stainless Steel,Plastic

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats,Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: When your pet needs to eat, this pet bowl is perfect for home use, this pet bowl is durable and easy to clean, with a colorful appearance that is very attractive to cats, cats and dogs


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Product Features

Material: The high-quality material of this pet bowl makes it bite-proof, shatter-proof and non-toxic to your pet; the stainless steel material ensures that the cat bowl can be used for a long time and is not easy to rust; the stainless steel cat bowl is easier to clean.

Suitable capacity: The bowls are all large capacity and can be filled with water. Durable and hygienic; cat food bowls are perfect for storing dry, wet and treats.

Suitable for a variety of pets: suitable for dogs, cats, etc., especially kittens, puppies, small animals, etc. Stackable for easy storage or travel.

Easy to manual clean: This pet food bowl can be easily cleaned with mild dish soap and warm water. Don't scrub hard outside to avoid the paint peeling off.

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