CAT DOG Slow Food Toy Tumbler Slow Food Toy Ball



Product Name: CAT DOG Slow Food Toy Tumbler Slow Food Toy Ball

Product Category: Dog Slow Food Toy,CAT Slow Food Toy

Material: ABS,PP

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs,Small Medium Large Cats

Ideal For Scenes: This is a great cat dog toy that can interact with when dog is bored, food leaks out when your cat dog is playing, and your cat dog can play and eat


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Product Features

Dog Feeder Toys: Pets can reduce boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise, and satisfy the dog's hunting instinct.

Slow Feeding: When your furry friend chews or throws the ball, the snacks will fall off the ball, which slows down the eating speed and helps digestion and health.

Interesting Design: Can play indoors or outdoors, pets can play alone or with us, reduce pet's boring time and relieve boredom.

Other Features: In addition to putting snacks in, you can also put bells, luminous balls, etc., to attract attention of cats and dogs.

Safe and High-quality: Made of ABS, a special anti-bite material, suitable for various types of cats and dogs.


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