Cat Dog Throw Toy Colorful Foaming Ball



Product Name: Cat Dog Throw Toy Colorful Foaming Ball

Product Category: DOG Chew Toys,CAT Chew Toys,DOG Ball Toy,CAT Ball Toy,CAT Throw Toy,DOG Throw Toy


Ideal For Breeds:Small and medium cats, small dogs

Ideal For Scenes:Lightweight and durable, this cat and dog toy is perfect for cats and dogs of any size (small, medium or large). It can easily be used to play with your cat and dog.


Product Features

Materials: Made of EVA foam; Lightweight Ball - a silent toy for cats and dogs; Cats and puppies can carry foam balls around the house.

Colors: Red blue rainbow bright, so they are easy to catch the eyes of cats and dogs and attract your pet's interest.

Uses: Cats and dogs can hold it in their mouths and take it to where he/she wants to play. Great for grabbing, training, chewing and grinding.

Bounce: They don't bounce. But cats and puppies love them very much.
Great for interactive or indie play, easy to roll and chase.


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