Cat Dog Professional Electric Hair Clipper with Digital Display

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Material: Lithium Battery,stainless Steel Tool Head,metal Fuselage.

Features: Special Stainless Steel Tool Head, Sharp Safety Tool Head,can Easily Cut Rough Fur, Wear Resistant And Durable.


Product Name: Cat Dog Professional Electric Hair Clipper with Digital Display

Product Category: DOG Hair Trimmer,CAT Hair Trimmer

Material: Lithium battery,Stainless steel tool head,Metal fuselage

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs Small Medium Large Cats

Ideal For Scenes: When Your Pet's Hair Is Too Long Or Messy, A Pet Hair Trimmer Can Give Your Pet The Best Possible Experience.


Size Chart

Motor: high power motor
Head material: chrome plated carbon steel head
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Battery life: about 2.5 hours
Usage: Charge and plug dual use
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Size: 41 x 38 x 162 MM

Product Features

Safety Blade
Compared With Ordinary Cutter Heads, This Blade Is Thinner, Has A Shorter Pitch, And Retains 0.1mm Of Hair, Similar To The Effect Of A Scraper. And It Does Not Hurt The Skin, Can Protect The Skin From Damage, Suitable For Backhand Carving.

Long-Lasting Battery And Rechargeable
1500mah Large Capacity Lithium Battery, Long Battery Life. Easy To Use, Can Last For 3 Hours After Charging For 2~3 Hours

Professional Limit Comb
Equipped With 4 Limit Combs Of Different Lengths To Meet Different Needs. Trim To The Length You Want.

Professional Gear
Equipped With 3 Speed Control Gears, Low Noise, Low Power Consumption And Strong Power. The Trimmer Can Choose The Operation According To His Needs. (slow: 5500 Rpm; Medium: 6000 Rpm; Fast 6500 Rpm)

Powerful Motor
Provides Amazing Power Without Clogging. This Hair Clipper Has Good Abrasion Resistance And Good Stability, It Won't Get Stuck Or Pulled. Effectively Cuts Thick Hair.


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