Cat Dog Donut Massage Hair Removal Brush

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Product Name: Cat Dog Donut Massage Hair Removal Brush

Product Category: DOG Comb & Brush , CAT Comb & Brush 

Material: Stainless steel needle,ABS

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs Small Medium Large Cats

Ideal For Scenes: It's a great multi-tool with which you can groom, depilate, bathe or massage your pet.


Product Features

The Perfect Beauty Tool Brush
The Perfect Brush Effectively And Gently Removes Loose And Undercoat From Pets And Removes Tangles, Knots, Dander And Residual Grime Without Scratching Your Pet's Skin. It Is Possible To Give Your Pet A Massage While Keeping It Healthy And Clean.

Easy To Clean
Easy Cleaning For Pet Owners! At The Push Of A Button, The Bristles Retract Fully, Leaving A Neat, Circular Wad Of Fur That Slides Off The Brush. And Our Pet Brushes Are Washable To Keep Your Brushes Hygienic.

For A Better Brush
The Ergonomic Comfort Grip Is Comfortable For Both Lefties And Righties, Helping To Provide An Easier Experience For You And Your Pet. The Bead Shedding Brush Massages Your Pet And Prevents Your Pet's Skin From Scratching. Stainless Steel Needle Design, 140-degree Bending, Has A Certain Elasticity, Which Is Beneficial To Prevent Skin Diseases And Increase Blood Flow.

Love For Pets
Grooming Can Enhance Communication And Deepen The Bond Between You And Your Pet. Our Brushes Are Suitable For All Breeds And Types Of Coats. With Our Pet Hair Removal Brush, You Will Enjoy A Joyful Grooming Time With Your Beloved Pet.


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