Cat Teaser Wand Interactive Feather Teasing Cat Toys Kitten Toys For Indoor Cats

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Product Name: Cat Teaser Wand Interactive Feather Teasing Cat Toys Kitten Toys For Indoor Cats

Product Category: Cat Teaser Wand

Material: ABS

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats

Ideal For Scenes: This is a great cat toy that you can interact with when your cat is bored


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Product Features

Easy to use: This toy is made of eco-friendly and healthy abs, it is sturdy and durable and will not be harmed by pets. It's easy to use and durable. Available in five colors (pink, lake blue, yellow, green/blue)

Multifunctional cat toy: This is a fun multifunctional cat toy. Self-weight balancing movement (non-electric. Up and down movement of the cat ball. Multiple components combine cat hair free spin and a function to attract more attention and play inside the cat.

Self-weight balance movement function: This product has its own weight balance movement function. It adopts self-weight balance system, moves on its own, and will not be knocked down by cats during play. Electric drive is also not required.

Up and down 2 interesting cat ball movement designs: There are two cat balls in the middle of the top of the product, and the toy moves back and forth under the action of external force. The cat ball also moves up and down irregularly with the support of the stick, which can attract the cat's attention. The ball moves up and down at the same speed as the toy. Move, and when the toy slowly stops, the ball will stop moving up and down too, waiting for the cat's next play.

Interactive cat fur: While playing in a 360-degree free spin, the cat can gently push the toy body to move back and forth. The wheels on both sides of the toy are designed with interesting feathers to assist rotation. The cat gently strokes the cat hair on both sides, which can shake unevenly under the action of the high elastic spring. A variety of designs can effectively attract cats' interest in playing.


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