Dog Cat Slow Food Toy Tumbler Feeder

$45.00 $64.00


Product Name: Dog Cat Slow Food Toy Tumbler Feeder

Product Category: Cat Slow Food Toy,DOG Slow Food Toy

Material: Plastic

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats,Small Medium Large Dog

Ideal For Scenes: That can interact with when cat dog is bored, food leaks out when your cat dog is playing, and your cat dog can play and eat


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Product Features

Safe and secure: The material is food-grade plastic, which is safe and healthy for pets.

Play alone: Can be played alone, it's fun.

Slow food design: It is designed with a leaking hole, which can leak food and make the dog happy.

Tumbler Toy Design: Make the most of their extra energy by letting your pet scratch and play anytime.


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