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Dog Chew Toy Rubber Ball



Product Name: Dog Chew Toy Rubber Ball

Product Category: Dog Chew Toys,Dog Throw Toy,DOG Ball Toy

Material: TPR,Rubber

Ideal For Breeds:Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes:Lightweight and durable, this dog toy is perfect for any size dog (small, medium or large). It can easily be used to play with your dog.


Product Features

Tough Dog Toys: The surface is made of the latest health and environmental protection nylon material, the interior is made of newly upgraded thermoplastic rubber, 100% natural pollution-free material, which can't be chewed or broken, more and durable, and the dog is more assured to.

Interactive Dog Toys: The new spherical design allows dogs to chew their in a more balanced way, making them less likely to be chewed or torn.And it looks very interesting, the dog will spend a long time to with it every day. With it, you'll never have to worry about your furniture being chewed by a dog.

Dog Cleaning: Various large bump designs can dog 360 degrees ,Dog's will be cleaned more thoroughly.Use it with a dog rope toy for aggressive chewers to make it even better

Indestructible Dog Toys: This spherical toy is specially designed for aggressive chewers. Its appearane also looks very interesting. It can make your big dog become excited and happy!


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