Dog Chew Toys Rubber Cactus



Product Name: Dog Chew Toys Rubber Cactus

Product Category: Dog Slow Food Toy,Dog Chew Toys,DOG Sounding Toy,DOG Throw Toy

Material: Rubber

Ideal For Breeds:Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: You can interact with your dog when he is bored, food leaks out when your dog is playing, and your dog can play and eat


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Product Features

Squeaky: This dog chew toy makes fun giggly noises when being pushed around, shaken around and chewed.The unique pattern on the outside creates ridges picked up by the easy clutches.

Healthy&bite-resistant: Natural&safe non-toxic rubber material weigh up to 300g, tough&strong enough for puppy dogs or large breeds and aggresive chewers, made from the toughest, industrial-strength rubber; solid, shock-absorbing design, highly bite-resistant,this dog chew toy is suitable for aggressive chewers.

Cactus design: The special design with green colour is attractive to your pets and make your dogs more active without boring.

teeth cleaning: Covered with 360° brush emboss,this toy can help your pets to clean the teeth effectively.

Attractive flavor: Dog toys contain delicious flavors. Stuffing in some butter or peanut butter and freezing adds more interest. Train your dog with dog educational toys and you can interact with your dog by playing throwing and fetching games for healthy fun together.


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