Dog Four Leg Sleeves for Preventing Licking with Yoga fabric

Anti-licking & Yoga fabric

$83.00 $118.00
  • Effective Healing: Prevents licking, promotes faster recovery.��
  • Supreme Comfort: Soft, breathable fabric ensures pet relaxation.��
  • Perfect Fit: Ergonomic design suits all body types.��
  • Durable Quality: Long-lasting, reduces replacement hassle.��
  • Pet-Safe Materials: Non-toxic, safe for extended wear.��


Product Name: Dog Four Leg Sleeves for Preventing Licking with Yoga fabric

Product Category: Knee Brace For Dogs

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: Ideal for post-surgery recovery, injury protection, and managing skin issues, this product combines comfort, breathability, and style with durable, pet-safe yoga fabric.

Product Features

Luxurious Yoga Fabric: Crafted with a delicate and durable yoga fabric, offering superior wrapping for ultimate comfort and style.

Chic Sand-Colored Trim:Enhanced with a sand-colored yoga fabric trim, elevating the product's aesthetics and creating a modern visual appeal.

Unmatched Comfort and Breathability: Unlike conventional licking deterrents, our product boasts superior comfort, breathability, and a sleek design, ensuring your pet stays stylish and content.

Tailored for Optimal Healing: Perfect for post-operative recovery, protecting wounds, applying medication/herbal patches, or addressing skin conditions with ease.

Premium Nylon Blend: Engineered with a premium blend of nylon and spandex, our fabric provides exceptional softness, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and durability, ensuring long-lasting comfort and performance.

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