Dog Wheelchair for Hind Leg Weakness

$139.00 $200.00
  • Suitable for older dogs and puppies with limited or no movement of the hind legs.
  • Easy installation and disassembly, light weight and easy to carry, simple operation.
  • Reflective strip design provides premium visibility in the dark.
  • Offers optimum comfort and mobility and is adjustable to keep your dog comfortable and safe.


UNIQUE DESIGN: Our pet wheelchair is designed to help dogs with hip weakness, hip arthritis, or severe hip dislocation/dysplasia to walk, run and play freely and help them get back to normal life and improve their overall quality of life.

Portable And Lightweight: Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, which is durable and easy to carry. The wheelchair does not interfere with the dog's walk. provide them with a normal life.

ADJUSTABLE USE: In the back of the cart, is a width extender, and by using the different push buttons the wheelchair can be made narrower or wider to best fit the pet. Similarly, the side extenders, extend out the front of the wheelchair frame allowing you to make the wheelchair longer or shorter as needed.


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