Dog Wheelchairs for Dog Back Legs Paralyzed

$134.00 $191.00
  • Suitable for dogs whose hind legs are atrophied due to old age and whose hind leg motor function is impaired.
  • The size that can be selected is very extensive.Small and medium -sized dogs both have adapted product size.
  • All made of aluminum alloy, light, strong and durable.
  • Offers optimum comfort and mobility and is adjustable to keep your dog comfortable and safe.


Product Name: Dog Wheelchairs for Dog Back Legs Paralyzed

Product Category: Dog Wheelchairs

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Dogs 

Ideal For Scenes: Dog wheelchairs help pets regain freedom and mobility due to injury, surgery, illness and advanced age.

Product Features

Lightweight Advantage
The wheelchair features the lightweight, adjustable aluminum frame, which is rust-resistant.

Adjustable Design
The wheelchair features the fully adjustable seat belt for providing the pet with the optimum comfort and mobility; the height, length and width of the wheelchair are adjustable.

Strap Design
The wheelchair features the abrasion-resistant strap, which can be made of sandwich mesh material, thus making the wheelchair soft, fluffy, breathable.

Powerful Function
The wheelchair features the mute wheel featured by the the double bearings, thus making the wheelchair abrasion-resistant, shock absorbing, comfortable to use.

Small Tip
The neoprene front and rear seat belts can give the pet comfort. But please note that most pets take 1-2 weeks to adjust to the wheelchair.


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33 Reviews
33 Customer Reviews
  • By M***y on 2023/3/26

    A little tricky to figure out, but once on, my dog loved it. She was off for the races!
  • By L***y on 2023/3/3

    Love this product, my dog loves it too, she is happy to go for a walk and chase the ball.
  • By J***m on 2023/3/2

    Changed my pugs life!! Poe is back to his old spunky self. A slipped disc took his back legs from him, he's been dragging them for months now, but with this wheelchair he can run and play like he used to. He took to it like he's always had it.
  • By A***n on 2023/2/16

    It was easy to set up and easy to get my dog in, at first she slipped back and I thought it didn't work, but when she realized she could walk she went straight to the door. But overall, it works just fine.
  • By D***l on 2023/2/5

    It's not very heavy. I started to use snacks to induce a few steps, and I saw that Kak didn't have to work very hard and walked faster.
  • By J***n on 2023/1/20

    This device is a miracle. It states that it takes 2-3 weeks for the dog to get use to it. It took my dog 4 days to get comfortable while wearing it. We used treats to encourage her. She is now comfortable with doing her necessities while walking.
  • By T***n on 2022/9/19

    My rice grains can now move freely.
  • By L***n on 2022/9/18

    A dog's second leg is born
  • By G***d on 2022/9/17

    I can walk, that's great!
  • By Y***n on 2022/9/15

    It was easy to put together and fit to my babies body. You can see, she loves it.

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