Environmentally Degradable Cat Dog Garbage Bag

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Product Name: Environmentally Degradable Cat Dog Garbage Bag

Product Category: CAT Poop Bag & Manure Shovel,DOG Poop Bag & Manure Shovel

Material: HDPE,EPI

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Cats,Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: When walking the dog outdoors or training outdoors, the dog's defecation has an impact on the environment and others. We should reduce this situation and travel, and the poop bag plays a role.


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Product Features

Easy to Separate and Odorless: Flat mouth and break point connection design, so that you can separate the dog waste bags more easier. The dog waste bags are unscented because made with biodegradable friendly polyethylene and EPI additive.

Proof Leak: Dog waste bags are sealed by a hot-melt machine, and the bottom seal of each dog waste bag is wide enough from the break point connection, so you don't have to worry about leakage when ripping the waste bag.

Thicker and Stronger: Each dog litter bag is thickened to 1.3 filaments, which is 0.5-0.8 filaments thicker than others. So you never have to worry about your dog's litter bag breaking again during use to prevent embarrassment.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags: Dog waste bags break down faster than regular waste bags because these dog waste bags made with PE and EPI additive which is a green additive for plastic bag degradation to reduce environmental pollution.

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