LISPOO Dog Slat Mill for Indoor & Outdoor

Manual Treadmill, Help Your Dog Exercise Safely at Home!

$799.00 $1599.00
  • No electricity, no motor, safer operation.
  • Keeping up with daily exercise boosts metabolism.
  • Can interact with your dog and lead them to walk and run with treats.


Product Name: LISPOO Dog Slat Mill for Indoor & Outdoor


Product Category: DOG Training & Behavior

Material: Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Solid Wood

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: LISPOO's dog treadmill is non-electric. Your dog is not forced to run, it can stop anytime if it doesn't want to run or if there is trauma.


Product Description

New research with data provided by Banfield Pet Hospital found that the lifespan of overweight dogs was up to 2 1/2 years shorter, on average, than the lifespan of dogs with a healthy body weight.

Among the various co-morbidities, joint problems and cardiovascular disease in dogs are especially important for pet owners to take seriously.

Nearly 8 million dogs suffer from heart disease. That’s 10% of all dogs in the United States. 

Walking and running for long periods of time with uneven stress can lead to a range of medical conditions. Keep an eye on your dog's exercise behavior and help them stay healthy. Prevention is always the best protection.

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9 Reviews
9 Customer Reviews
  • By S***y on 2023/8/3

    Our LISPOO dog treadmill is used for our two GSD’s. We love the product so far! The dogs can walk or go a full sprint in the product. Assembly was fairly easy and we were able to use it right away. I may end up putting some kind of coating to help the wooden slats last longer as they are bare wood and a bit soft-already getting marks from the dogs nails.

    Customer service responses were timely and helpful as the manual is different than the one we received with the product. Shipping was quick and free. So far we are very happy with the product.

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  • By R***k on 2023/7/28

    The only problem I see is that dog owners are not getting the exercise they need as their dogs get in great shape.
  • By K***n on 2023/7/26

    Easy set up , had to build outside since its the large size for the dog . Comes with extra parts. Great customer service . My belgian malinois loves it shes about 35 to 40 lbs .
  • By J***w on 2023/7/25

    My family loves this. My dog hates and is scared of a human treadmill, but he loves this. My lazy dog still prefers the couch cause he doesn’t want to move, but some treats can help persuade.

    Yes in the video of my dog he is backwards but he just kept turning around on it and was dramatic and sassy about what way he wanted to face. This was his first time and he has since been turned around. He is a pomsky (husky /Pomeranian) very active and always gets into stuff, but the exercise helps with this. I’ve never seen him pass out so fast after exercise. He loves it!

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  • By V***o on 2023/7/23

    We have very extreme temperatures and our dogs overheat pretty easily (boxer/husky). This is a great way for them to still be active when it's too hot or too wet to be outside. So glad we invested in it! Very easy and quick for only one person to assemble.
  • By j***r on 2023/7/23

    I had an issue with my mill shortly after getting it. I contacted the seller and they responded immediately with options to resolve the issue. They are very friendly and respectful. Customer service gets 5 stars!!!
  • By C***a on 2023/7/21

    I will start off by saying that putting this thing together was a headache! It took me and my husband almost 2 hours to put it together. BUT it was worth it. Our 5 month old Australian Shepard puppy loves it! It’s durable and we’ve had it for a while now and it still works great.
  • By M***k on 2023/7/11

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    Amazing product to tire out our high energy and high drive 15 pound 10 year old dog.

    The Small Slat Mill is absolutely perfect for my high energy Yorkshire Terrier (weighing approx. 15 pounds) - Bentley.

    Previously, we have tried a regular “power” treadmill and he hated the motor and the beeps/sounds it made. Bentley would just get more anxious at the noises of the electric treadmill so we stopped and kept looking for alternative options.

    The Slat Mill has been so much better since Bentley is able to control the speed and run at his own pace and comfort, especially considering he is a “senior” dog.

    This is definitely not just for big or young dogs!

    Running on the Slat Mill seems natural for Bentley (similar to running outside) and he has been very excited to keep running.

    Also, very easy and quick to assemble!
  • By D***e on 2023/7/3

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