Lispoo Dog Leg Brace for Acl Injury

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  • CCL Brace For Dogs Provide excellent support and protection, ideal for arthritis, knee dislocation, CCL/ACL injuries, post surgery.
  • The material is soft and comfortable, suitable for pets to wear during the injury recovery stage to prevent secondary injuries.
  • Recommended by veterinarians, it is safe to use and is suitable for dogs with minor injuries or recovery conditions that are close to normal sports.


Product Name: Lispoo Dog Leg Brace for Acl Injury

Product Category: Knee Brace For Dogs

Material: SBR

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: When Your Dog Is Injured Or Has A Weak Leg Due To Arthritis, It May Cause Mobility Problems. With Our Dog Leg Assist Straps, You Won't Have To Worry Anymore.


Product Features

Professional Design
With more than 3 years of production and r&d experience, our dog knee pads can provide excellent support and protection, ideal for arthritis, knee dislocation, ccl/acl injuries, just finished leg surgery and elderly dogs not suitable for surgery.

High Quality Material
The material is SBR, which is delicate, soft and elastic, and has good shockproof and thermal insulation effect, which is very suitable for use as a dog leg bracket.

Care For Pets
Use this dog rear leg brace when your dog is injured by limbs. It will give your dog more love and care.

It is very important to find the right dog leg brace for your pet. Please measure your pet's size in detail before purchasing and refer to our size chart.

9 Reviews
9 Customer Reviews
  • By M***e on 2023/6/30

    First of all the only other option for my Tina’s Acl fracture would have been a 3000 dollar surgery. At 14 we decided that would be too risky for her so we shopped around and saw some great reviews for this product. The first time I ordered a large but it was too big for her. Tina is half Rottweiler and half blue heeler so she has a big body and short legs. So then we ordered a medium and that fit perfect. Tina loves it ! It’s heart warming to see her not in so much pain anymore.
  • By A***d on 2023/6/23

    The brace was very solid, stable and well-made. Overall, we give it 5 stars except even though we measured our dogs leg carefully it was too long to fit a short dog. We could not get it to work. If we had it would have been awesome! If you have a short dog with short legs like a dachshund, I suggest a size smaller than what the website suggests.
  • By a***i on 2023/6/21

    The brace was awesome and she didn’t mind it being on her. Previously bought braces, usually she would bite them or rub against something to get them off. But the quality of this one is good, and she can't bite or take it off, which reassures us too. 😁
  • By E***a on 2023/6/19

    My dog is an Aussie and weighs about 50 pounds. It's almost perfect. Our vet said it was well made and should work perfect! We ended up having the TPLO surgery so quickly that our dog didn’t need the brace but I’m glad we had that option. Has we needed it, I think this was the best option available!
  • By C***s on 2023/6/9

    My pup was unfortunately limping on one of his legs and I needed to figure out a way for him to walk a bit easier so I decided to order this brace and I’m so happy I did because it was such a great support for my little guy. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a brace support for their dog, it really helped him out. It’s a great product.
  • By M***n on 2023/6/30

    I understand the method and how this product could assist in canine recovery.
    It’s good quality.
    I like the simplicity of it and easy to get on and off.
    I ordered the large size for my male German Shepherd.
    Only problematic feature would be the strap that goes under the belly sits right over his junk.
    However for any female breed this brace would be great.
  • By E***e on 2023/6/13

    Bought this for my dogs ACL injury. It seems to support dogs leg joint. Dog seems to not mind just takes time to get used to. Easy to use
  • By L***H on 2023/6/11

    I have an over 120 lb Dogo Argentino that had TPLO surgery, so we ordered the XL. If you can be patient with the learning curve on best practices/fitting and understand this has a few ways to support the knee and leg, you’ll soon find out that this brace is great. It helped my girl start to use her leg again to distribute weight and helped her to be less wobbly.Now everything is fine, it is a qualified bracket.
  • By G***y on 2023/5/20

    This is a good product, easy to use, I bielieve it realy helped my baby, it gave her good support, the way it goes on helps it stay in place and she didn't mine wearing it, I think she felt better with it on, I would buy it again.

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