Lispoo Dog Leg Braces For Torn Acl

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  • CCL Brace For Dogs Provide excellent support and protection, ideal for arthritis, knee dislocation, CCL/ACL injuries, post surgery.
  • The material is soft and comfortable, suitable for pets to wear during the injury recovery stage to prevent secondary injuries.
  • Recommended by veterinarians, it is safe to use and is suitable for dogs with minor injuries or recovery conditions that are close to normal sports.


Product Name: Lispoo Dog Leg Braces For Torn Acl

Product Category: Knee Brace For Dogs

Material: SBR

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: When Your Dog Is Injured Or Has A Weak Leg Due To Arthritis, It May Cause Mobility Problems. With Our Dog Leg Assist Straps, You Won't Have To Worry Anymore.


Product Features

Professional Design
With more than 3 years of production and r&d experience, our dog knee pads can provide excellent support and protection, ideal for arthritis, knee dislocation, ccl/acl injuries, just finished leg surgery and elderly dogs not suitable for surgery.

High Quality Material
The material is SBR, which is delicate, soft and elastic, and has good shockproof and thermal insulation effect, which is very suitable for use as a dog leg bracket.

Care For Pets
Use this dog rear leg brace when your dog is injured by limbs. It will give your dog more love and care.

It is very important to find the right dog leg brace for your pet. Please measure your pet's size in detail before purchasing and refer to our size chart.

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20 Reviews
20 Customer Reviews
  • By D***e on 2024/6/12

    A few months ago, my Labrador accidentally tore his front leg ACL. The vet suggested surgery, but considering his age and the risks, we decided to try non-surgical treatment first. After purchasing the Lispoo leg brace, I found it really helped him. With the brace on, his walking became much more stable, and he limped much less frequently. Although he still can't run like he used to, he can at least walk slowly, which is a huge improvement for us.
  • By Q***n on 2024/6/11

    My golden retriever, Bella, tore her ACL a few months ago while playing in the yard. We were devastated, and the vet recommended surgery, which we couldn't afford. After doing some research, I found the Lispoo Dog Leg Braces and decided to give them a try. The braces were easy to put on, and Bella seems to be more comfortable when walking. She's not limping as much, and her mood has significantly improved. I love how adjustable and sturdy they are. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with a similar issue!
  • By M***e on 2024/6/11

    Our Golden Retriever injured his hind leg while playing and was diagnosed with a torn ACL. We chose the Lispoo leg brace hoping to reduce his pain. At first, he was a bit uncomfortable, but he adapted after a few days. Now, he can go up and down stairs on his own and even jog a bit. Although it can't completely replace surgery, it is very effective in relieving pain and supporting his leg.
  • By E***a on 2024/6/10

    Our senior dog tore his front leg ACL due to age and weight issues. The vet advised avoiding strenuous activity, so we bought the Lispoo leg brace. After putting on the brace, it was evident that his walking pain was significantly reduced, and he regained some mobility. Wearing the brace for daily walks, he also seemed happier. This brace has been a tremendous help.
  • By A***r on 2024/6/10

    Our seven-year-old Labrador, Max, suffered an ACL tear last winter. We were looking for non-surgical options to help him recover and came across the Lispoo Dog Leg Braces. After just a week of use, Max showed noticeable improvement. He wasn't dragging his leg anymore and even started playing fetch again, albeit gently. The brace fits snugly and stays in place, providing the support he needs. It's been a lifesaver for us.
  • By W***d on 2024/6/9

    My ten-year-old Husky accidentally fell, leading to a torn ACL in his hind leg. Considering his age, we decided to try the Lispoo leg brace. After putting on the brace, his range of activity increased significantly. Although caution is still needed, he can now leisurely walk around the yard. I'm very pleased to see him regain some of his mobility, and the brace is of excellent quality.
  • By C***e on 2024/6/8

    My Poodle injured his front leg ACL during a competition training session. A friend recommended the Lispoo leg brace, and although I was hesitant at first, I'm now glad I bought it. The brace provides excellent support, allowing him to walk and run without limping. The trainer also praised it, saying it's one of the best non-surgical treatment options available.
  • By C*** on 2024/6/7

    I bought the Lispoo Dog Leg Braces for my German Shepherd, Luna, who had a partial ACL tear. Surgery was not an option due to her age, so we opted for these braces. The results have been fantastic. Luna is more stable on her feet, and we can take her for longer walks without worrying. The brace is well-made, easy to clean, and has given Luna a new lease on life. It's been worth every penny.
  • By S***y on 2024/6/6

    Our Akita injured his hind leg during outdoor activities, and it was confirmed as an ACL tear. The Lispoo leg brace helped him regain some of his mobility. With the brace on, he can get in and out of the car by himself, without us needing to lift him. Although more recovery time is needed, the brace significantly reduces his pain and discomfort, and our whole family is very satisfied with this product.
  • By N*** on 2024/6/2

    My Chow Chow injured his front leg ACL during a sudden run. The Lispoo leg brace has been a lifesaver for him. With the brace on, his walking posture has become much more stable, reducing his pain. He wears the brace for his daily walks, and he seems very happy. Although full recovery will take time, this brace has played a significant role in the healing process.

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