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Moysoon Cat Dog Travel Tunnel Bag

$94.00 $159.00
  • REASONABLE SIZE - The cat bag measures 34 x 17 x 17 inches; weighs only 4.2kg and can be folded for easy carrying.
  • RELIABLE MATERIAL - The fabric is waterproof and durable. The frame is sturdy and will not deform with repeated use.
  • NICE COMFORT - Spacious and comfortable. Comes with a collapsible litter tray, so it's as complete as a flat.


34 Reviews
34 Customer Reviews
  • By W***e on 2024/5/7

    Tunnel package assembly tutorial process

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  • By G***n on 2024/5/5

    This thing is big. I bought it to transport 2 cats from PA to TX. The design was well thought out. It is easy to set up and fold up. I like that it comes with a carrying/storage case. The floor pads have zippers for easy cleaning or replacing pads or maybe to add support or extra cushion to them. The front and side accesses are a tremendous help when having to access from a car to get cats out or to change litter.
    Also, I have this in my Livingroom no set up as a toy because they love it so much!

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  • By J***y on 2024/5/1

    Tunnel Pack Installation Video Detailed Explanation

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  • By S***e on 2024/4/10

    It's kind of like the tiny clown car that fits 50 clowns in it -- this product arrives in a small container but amazingly becomes something large! It takes a bunch of steps to set up and pack back up, which is a bit time-consuming, but if you're used to putting pet stuff together you'll be fine. It is small and easy to carry before any assembly. When partially assembled and used in place of the regular cat carry case, it is larger than a normal case and could be awkward if you're not used to the size. MAKE SURE THE AIRLINE allows this type of carrier for flying! You may have to keep this item packed up and use the regular cat case on the plane. If you are road-tipping, or traveling to places with long layovers, or visiting someone who doesn't want the animal free in their house, this case could be useful. My 10lb cat can enjoy both nicely airy chambers, play & hide in the tubes, etc. The packaging is overall attractive and minimalist.
  • By R***a on 2024/4/9

    Cats love to go in and out of the rounded crate. I was surprised it came in so many pieces, but every came together as it was supposed to. This thing is easy to put together if you follow the directions. My cats like to chase each other in and out of the crate. When they get time during the day they end up sleeping in it. I think they think they are safe from the dogs in it.
    Couldn't be happier with the purchase. 5 stars.
  • By J***. on 2024/4/7

    Once this is fully assembled, it's BIG. I have a 20lb+ chonk who normally needs his stuff customized (for instance he has a 3x replacement perch on his cat tree) & he has no problem fitting through the tubes. This is one of those products that seems confusing to assemble the first time, but once it's together you'll find there's tricks to it and from then on it's not so bad...for instance, it's much easier to leave the bends velcroed together, zip one bend to each cube, zip the long tube to each bend and then open the velcro ties. The zippers are large & good quality. This would be a nightmare with bad zippers! There are quite a few variations, including leaving the tubes off completely & just using the squares as kennels or carriers.
  • By a***j on 2024/3/24

    I had never seen cat enclosures like this until I went to a cat show. They are big and roomy.
    We have a lake place and we have 5 cats, so when we travel the 1-½ hours to go there, we want to put some of our bigger cats in something more roomy than a standard cat carrier. This is it. We also have one cat that gets overwhelmed by too much activity and tends to stay away from people. This can be his hideaway at home.
    There is a lot of flexibility to how these are attached. All seem pretty durable and secure. The connections of one cube to the other are via zippers. Nice sturdy ones and there is a tube that can be configured a variety of different ways.
    Also each cube has a sling. Quite close to the top of the cube, but a cat would find it cozy.
    There is a shoulder strap included, as well as a portable fold-up-able litter box. Then of course there is the zippered padded box this came in.
    Overall the cats give it a major thumbs up (if they had thumbs), one thought it was a handy place to sleep (mind you he is the same one that is very easy to get in a cat carrier, by just opening it). The two young ones thought the tunnel was great. Our other two are still thinking about it.
  • By L***a on 2024/3/16

    This travel tunnel bag is a lifesaver for our road trips with both our cat and dog. It keeps them secure and cozy in the car, and they love poking their heads out to take in the scenery.
  • By C***r on 2024/3/14

    This Portable Pet Carrier with Collapsible Cat Tunnel is amazing! It's perfect for small dogs and cats. The carrier is easy to carry and has a comfortable handle. The collapsible tunnel is so cool! It gives my pet a fun place to play while we travel. The carrier is strong and durable, so I know my pet is safe inside. it's really easy to clean. I love how convenient and practical it is.
  • By A***r on 2024/3/13

    The design of this tunnel bag is ingenious! Our cat used to get so anxious during car rides, but now he feels safe and relaxed in his little hideaway. It's made our journeys much smoother.

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