LISPOO Dog Front Leg No Knuckling Training Sock

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  • Provides training support for dogs who drag their front paws.
  • Stimulates a dog between its toes, evoking a withdrawal reflex and causes him/her to pick the foot up higher.
  • Designed to enhance proprioception, while also supporting above and below the joint.
  • Perfect for rehabilitative use for pets recovering from spinal surgery or suffering from disc disease.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable, with convenient touch-fastener closures.


Product Name: LISPOO Dog Front Leg No Knuckling Training Sock


Product Category: Knee Brace For Dogs

Material: Sandwich Mesh, Nylon

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: The LISPOO Dog Knee Brace is designed to help support recovery, knees and joints so your beloved pet can run and play like never before.


Product Features

Front No-Knuckling Training Sock Walks:Apply sock to affected limb and have patient walk slowly for two to five minutes. If deficits are bilateral, apply to only one leg at a time to begin. You may progress to longer walks or using on both hind legs at the same time once patient is ready for this increase.

Enhanced Cavaletti Poles:Apply sock to affected limb during the Cavaletti poles exercise. If a patient is still hitting bars, this will add an extra reminder to pick that foot up.

Enhanced Figure 8s or Cone Weaving:Apply sock to affected limb during more difficult walking exercises. This will assist in correct paw placement as you advance your workouts.

Treadmill Patterning:Apply sock to affected limbs. This will greatly enhance any patterning exercise using a land or underwater treadmill. Time of use and progression during this exercise is at the professional’s discretion. If used in the underwater treadmill, be certain to remove after workout and let sock air-dry before next use.

Training Sock step by step instructions

Step 1: Spread open the Training Sock, attaching each strap to itself while keeping it open. Then wrap the NKTS around hock joint on lower front leg. Be sure to keep cord loop free and positioned on front of leg.

Step 2: Keeping cord loop free and over straps, secure touch fastener straps, starting with the bottom. Then secure top strap. Finally, if there is a third strap, tighten it last, below the hock joint.

Step 3: Wrap fleece pad around toe portion of cord loop. This will add extra padding between cord and toes.

Step 4: Place cord loop around and under middle two toes.

Step 5: Pull slowly at top of cord to tighten. Then test your dog’s reaction. If there is no reaction, gradually tighten more and test again.

10 Reviews
10 Customer Reviews
  • By V*** on 2024/3/4

    The struggle of putting on socks for a dog is real, but not with this one. It's incredibly easy to slip on, and once in place, it stays put. No more readjusting during our walks, making it a hassle-free solution for correcting knuckling.
  • By L***n on 2024/3/3

    Trips and stumbles were a daily occurrence before introducing this front leg no knuckling sock. Now, my dog walks with confidence, and I no longer worry about him injuring himself due to knuckling. It's a relief for both of us.
  • By P***e on 2024/3/2

    Comfort is paramount, and this sock doesn't disappoint. My dog complies willingly, thanks to the soft and breathable material. Unlike other solutions, this sock doesn't cause any irritation or discomfort, ensuring a positive training experience.
  • By Z***a on 2024/3/1

    This training sock has been a triumph in our efforts to correct my dog's knuckling problem. The design is simple yet effective, providing the right amount of support and encouraging proper limb placement. Training sessions have become a breeze, and the results are visible.
  • By K***h on 2024/2/29

    Playtime used to be marred by my dog's knuckling issue, but not anymore. This sock proves its effectiveness even during energetic play sessions. It offers the right balance of support and flexibility, allowing my dog to enjoy his favorite activities without hindrance.
  • By C***n on 2024/2/28

    Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most impactful. These front leg training socks proved just that. They stay in place, encourage proper paw placement, and my dog's coordination has improved remarkably.
  • By K*** on 2024/2/26

    Using these training socks for my dog's front legs has resulted in noticeable progress. The grip is excellent, and my dog seems more aware of his paw placement. Definitely a helpful tool in addressing no-knuckling.
  • By M***s on 2024/2/25

    Training my dog to correct his no-knuckling was surprisingly easy with these socks. They are well-made, easy to put on, and my dog adapted quickly. Noticed a positive change in his walking within a short time.
  • By E***n on 2024/2/22

    I was impressed with the results these training socks delivered. My dog's no-knuckling issue is much improved, and the socks stayed on consistently. A straightforward and effective solution for paw placement problems.
  • By E***l on 2024/2/21

    My dog struggled with no-knuckling, but these training socks brought back his happy feet. The quality is great, they don't slip off, and my dog's overall coordination has improved. Highly recommended for dogs with gait issues.

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