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Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace

$48.00 $97.00
  • Lightweight SBR high elastic band with an additional and toe cord cushioning for pets with hind leg weakness.
  • It stimulates a dog between its toes, evoking a withdrawal reflex and causing it to lift its foot higher, its gait and improving hind leg placement.
  • For dogs with sciatic nerve insufficiency secondary to Degenerative Myelopathy, intervertebral disc disease, among other diagnoses.
  • Not suitable for dogs allergic to rubber materials. One product corresponds to the toe bone of one leg.


Product Name: Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace

Product Category: Knee Brace For Dogs

Material: SBR,High Elastic Band

Ideal For Breeds: Small Medium Large Dogs

Ideal For Scenes: Cat Dog Disabled Hind Leg Auxiliary Strap, Instep Mopping, Hind Limb Neuritis, Correction Of Leg Force Can Be Used, High-quality Safety Material Sbr High Elastic Belt, Length Can Be Adjusted.


Product Features

Corrective Support
Helps you provide your dog with enhanced self-motion and body posture for pets with neurological impairments.

Designed By Canine Rehabilitation Professionals
Ideal for in-clinic use by canine rehabilitation professionals, the assisted training dog leash is designed by veterinarians to help dogs with neurological conditions leading to hind paw knuckles.

Perfect For Rehabilitation
Helpful for pets recovering from spine surgery or suffering from disc disease. It stimulates the dog's toes, evokes the flinch reflex, causes his feet to be lifted higher, thus correcting his gait and improving the position of the hind paws.

Lightweight, Comfortable And Adjustable
Made from lightweight and durable sbr with extra fleece pads and toe cord cushioning for a comfortable fit for pets with weak back legs. This dog training boot also features adjustable cord loops for a perfect fit and touch fastener closure for support above and below the joint.


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53 Reviews
53 Customer Reviews
  • By W*** on 2024/6/30

    My Border Collie developed a neurological condition, leading to weak hind legs and dragging paws. After using the Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace, his condition has improved. We visit the park every afternoon, and the brace helps him walk more steadily, allowing him to continue playing with other dogs. This brace is fantastic, helping my dog regain his energy and enthusiasm.
  • By A*** on 2024/6/28

    My Golden Retriever developed neurological issues, and his hind legs would drag when he walked. It was heartbreaking to watch. Since using the Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace, there's been a significant improvement. We take walks every morning and evening, and with the brace on, he walks much more easily without dragging his paws. This brace is quite remarkable. While it can't completely cure the condition, it at least allows my dog to enjoy his walks again.
  • By S***y on 2024/6/26

    Our Labrador started dragging his hind paws when walking. I stumbled upon the Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace and decided to give it a try. To my surprise, it's been quite effective. Now, when we visit the park, his gait has noticeably improved. While it doesn't solve everything, it makes walking much more comfortable for him. Highly recommended for dog owners facing similar issues.
  • By B***g on 2024/6/23

    My Shih Tzu has spinal issues, causing his hind legs to buckle and making walking difficult. After using the Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace, there's been a significant improvement. Every evening, we take walks by the lake, and the brace helps him maintain proper posture, making his steps steadier. Seeing him so happy now brings me great comfort. This brace is truly worth a try.
  • By G*** on 2024/6/20

    My senior Yorkshire Terrier started showing signs of hind leg weakness due to age. A friend suggested the Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace, and it has made a significant difference. Now, during our walks, he walks much more steadily without dragging his paws. This brace has been very helpful, providing much-needed support for my old friend.
  • By F***a on 2024/6/15

    My Samoyed has always had issues with his hind legs, and the vet diagnosed it as a neurological problem. Using the Dog NO-Knuckling Training Brace, his walking posture has improved greatly. Every time we go for a walk on the beach, the brace helps him maintain proper posture, making walking easier. I'm very happy to have found this product, which has been a great help for my dog.
  • By B***e on 2024/4/27

    My pup struggled with knuckling, making walks painful for him and worrisome for me. This brace changed everything! Now, he walks smoothly, no more tripping, and we both enjoy our outdoor adventures without worry. Highly recommend!
  • By N***y on 2024/4/25

    Our vet recommended this brace for our dog's rehabilitation post-surgery. It's been a lifesaver! It provides the perfect amount of support without restricting his movement. Watching him regain strength has been priceless.
  • By M***y on 2024/4/24

    Our energetic Labrador had a habit of knuckling, especially during fetch sessions. This brace has been a game-changer! Now, he can run and play without any discomfort or tripping. It's made a noticeable difference in his agility and happiness.
  • By C***d on 2024/4/21

    We tried various remedies for our dog's knuckling issue, but nothing seemed to work until we found this brace. It's like magic! Our pup walks with confidence again, and we can enjoy our strolls without worrying about his safety. Highly recommend to anyone facing similar challenges.

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